Here are the collected specifications for the tablet so far. These are still changing, so if you have something useful to contribute, by all means do.

WE HAVE NO NAME FOR THIS DEVICE. Seperate article has been created for names. Read suggestions and post your own here. When we get closer to developement, voting will be held.


  • Processor: Unknown. Low powered, low-spec, cheap. Still researching.
  • Memory: Type unknown. No more than 512 MB is necessary.
  • Internal Storage: 4-8 GB SSD.
  • Screen: 10"-12" capacitive TFT-LCD touchscreen.
  • Battery: Unknown. Should provide 4-5 hours moderate use. Li-ion.
  • Power: Mini-USB charger.
  • External Storage: SDHC slot.
  • Radios: 802.11-G (Wifi), Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR with A2DP support.
  • Physical Buttons: Power. (Most functions will be carried out onscreen. If you feel additional buttons are needed, let us know why.)
  • Audio: 1/8" Stereo headphone output. Speaker(s) is(are) being considered. Seems important, but will add to cost, power consumption, and won't sound that great anyway.
  • Webcam: Unknown. Being considered. Will add to cost, but if added with a microphone, the tablet will become a very nice comm-tablet as well.


  • OS: Linux based. Lightweight build of Ubuntu preferred. Android is also on the table, so long as a full browser can be added. If Ubuntu is used, tablet version will probably utilize GNOME for simplicity.
  • Internet Browser: Firefox or Chrome. Chrome is faster in almost every respect, but management may become a problem. Firefox has a very nice kiosk mode, and is also more established and stable. Whichever we choose will include Flash support.
  • Communications: Skype (if webcam/microphone are included in the hardware), Pidgin, possibly XChat.
  • Office: None. Browser will handle Google Docs or similar services nicely.
  • Graphics: None. Hardware won't be spec-ed to run any high-end graphical editing programs, and that's not really the purpose of the tablet anyway. For photo management, users can take advantage of hundreds of online services like Picasa, Flikr, or Photobucket. Even editing can be done with Splashup.
  • Media: May include a full multimedia player (depending on how we choose hardware and if it can handle video) but will definitely include a music player. Banshee and Amarok look like good candidates.
  • Games: Unlikely. We're working with a limited internal storage, here, and don't want to fill it up with inane software. Flash games on the browser should be plenty.
  • Other: Will include standard simple utilities like a calculator and text editor. PDF reading is a possibility, but with services like Google Docs available, it may not be necessary.

That's all we have so far. Let me know if I missed something.

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