Tablet Name

So far, we don't have a name for the device. Several suggestions were made on the comments of the original blog post, but I'm not going to comb through them all. I'll post here what I can find quickly, what others have suggested to me, and what I can remember. You post your own at the end of the list. Read every name before posting your own, I don't want duplicates. As we get closer to production, we'll narrow the list down and hold a vote.

  • tab o fire
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Tabulet
  • Slice
  • Blade
  • DeSweet (acronym for Dead Simple WE(E)b Tablet)
  • OSIT (Open Source Internet Tablet, pronounced "Oh Sit")
  • Netpage
  • Openpage
  • CloudTablet
  • Cloud 009
  • Cloud
  • TC Tablet (TC stands for TechCrunch, the site where the original post was made, but seeing as how TC abandoned this project we may want to avoid affiliation with them)
  • Blitz
  • Slate
  • OpenTablet
  • BrowsePad
  • fire book
  • Firebox
  • firetab
  • Oplet (pronounced "O plet"

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