The Beginning Edit

TechCrunch author Michael Arrington posted an article on July 21st, 2008 detailing a project to build a sub-$200 web tablet featuring a completely open-source design, hardware and software. The tablet would run on a Linux kernel and low-spec hardware, be simple and unbloated, and cost, hopefully, under $200. The goal wasn't to make money, but to design a group-source product that would be useful and cheap. To that end, it would be sold at cost. You can read the original article here, and the secondary article here.

After almost 6 months, 2000 comments full of ideas and offers to help, and tons of useful information found and posted, there has been zero response from the TechCrunch end. The project died without some simple, organized planning and leadership. This wiki has been created towards that end, to allow prospective and entrenched team members, collaboraters, and followers of the project to have a place to do their thing. I'm not nearly skilled enough to do all of the programming, hardware selection, building, or design that will be needed to complete this project, so I'll be looking for people with programming experience, Linux experience (I'd love to use Android, so if anyone has any Android dev experience that they could use to modify for the hardware, please come forward), people who can select and put together the hardware, designers who can get a look, feel, and shape going that we like, and marketers/accountant type people to help manage the money.

I saw a lot of good ideas in the comments of the original blog post, and I'm hoping some of that will be coming here to the wiki. A basic set of specifications is posted, but I'd like to nail down some specs and get a price point determined.

Also, this wiki is my first. If anyone has experience with web design, wiki editing, or if anyone has some server space we can use, let me know, I'd love to get this project as easy to manage as possible.

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